Letter to Representative Zellers and Senator Limmer

Mike Phenow

(Salutations and closing omitted)

I would like to take the opportunity during this (relative) lull before the next session to share with you a few of my thoughts and concerns.

As I’m sure you’re aware–and as more and more people are becoming increasingly aware–we, as a state and as a republic, are in dire straits. One could go on endlessly listing all of the seemingly-intractable problems we are facing. The combination and synchronization of these endless problems would appear to be catastrophic.

From an historic, worsening depression; to astronomical debts and deficits; the systematic looting of the people by a corrupt cartel of politicians, bankers, and military-industrial-medical-media elites; the rising costs of ever-worsening healthcare; the prospect of increased taxes; the continued expansion of immoral, unjust, illegal, unconstitutional, imperial wars of aggression; to an ever-encroaching police state threatening even more controls on the people’s right to arm themselves–the challenges seem insurmountable.

For decades, people have warned over and over again: “we’re mortgaging our children’s and grandchildren’s future.” Usually, this is used as just another lifeless bogeyman by some pandering politician. The tragic truth is that it was a valid warning and, even more tragically, has become a reality. The bills are coming due, but we are a country without any cash and without a job.

The US does not and never will have the ability to pay back its debts. It has been bankrupt since Nixon closed the gold window in ’71. Since then it has been nothing but a zombie, surviving on little more than the artificial stimulus of counterfeit money supplied by the Fed and pawned off on unsuspecting countries around the world.

My generation, and those to follow me, will be some of the first in the history of the American Experiment to have a quality of life worse than the generations before. We were sold the American Dream–study hard, go to college, get a good job, work hard, buy a house, settle down, start a family, send them to good schools, enjoy a life of relative leisure, and retire early.

This dream has turned out to be nothing but a cruel, deceptive nightmare. The public schools indoctrinate and imprison instead of enlighten and liberate. College does little more than crank out diplomas and students saddled with debt, ill-equipped to make productive contributions to society, and robbed of four years of income. The jobs have all been shipped overseas, or were bubble jobs that are now gone, or are being taken by those of previous generations whose previous jobs are now gone. Real wages properly adjusted for inflation haven’t risen in decades. People are working two or three or even more jobs to try and make ends meet. Those of us who thought we were doing the prudent thing a few years ago by buying a house have had the rug pulled out from underneath us–the market tanked, our mortgages are upside-down (though our property taxes continue to rise), fuel, heat, and electricity costs keep rising, and we’re taking pay cuts and losing jobs.

While the state certainly bears some of the blame for creating and perpetuating these terrible problems, the lion’s share of the blame falls squarely on Washington. In the most important election in decades, the charismatic object of a personality cult is swept into office while the only honest, intelligent, qualified candidate was systematically marginalized. National solutions are not viable because the national political system is broke beyond repair.

The only realistic way off our self-destructive course is the proactive use of interposition, nullification, and possibly even secession. The state of Minnesota needs to tell D.C. that we will no longer follow them over the cliff into the abyss. Minnesota can return to freedom, prosperity, and peace, but it can no longer afford to wait for Washington to lead the way.

And this is not merely an “extreme right-wing libertarian” issue. This issue can become a broad bi-partisan issue. The left just stormed the elections in the past few cycles because they were so fed up with the corporatism, elitism, lobbyists, and corruption in D.C. Now that they’ve gotten the “hope and change” they asked for, many are coming to realize that it doesn’t matter who sits in the chairs, but that the whole system is corrupt beyond hope.

What is needed is for Minnesota to shed the shackles of D.C. and start building a brighter future through truly free markets, individual freedom, and limited government. The people of Minnesota are becoming more and more ready to throw the bums out, but we will not stand for simply going back to the same old republicans. This will be THE issue in the next couple of years. If it is not YOUR issue, I, and many others with me, will see to it that you are replaced by people willing to take it on.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I have included a wealth of information on these issues. I understand that you may not have time to review all of them, so I have put them in order of most accessible to least.

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